Company owner: Sonia Isaacson

Before moving to Vancouver Island in 2009 with my husband and son, I worked in several helping industries. In the Lower Mainland, I worked with a support and care service for the physically and mentally disabled. In Calgary, I worked with a home support service providing in home care for the elderly. In both central Alberta and Chestermere, I was a director and then a program director, working for 10 years in the summer camping industry with children, youth and young adults from all walks of life.

More recently I have worked in the accounting industry for 10 years, with just under 8 of those in public practice as a senior file manager/preparer and over a year as in-house bookkeeper/payroll manager for a corporation. This decade of experience has allowed me to develop the skills needed for complex bookkeeping and payrolls. I also have extensive experience with corporate and personal tax preparation and non-profit organizations and their unique filing needs. I know what your accountant needs come tax time, whether you are filing personal taxes as a proprietor/partnership or corporate year ends. I can work directly with your accountant throughout the process, saving you time and money and ensuring accurate and timely filing.

Helping people is my passion, and I firmly believe that bookkeeping and payroll services is a helping
industry. The past 10 years of work in the accounting industry has made it clear to me just how true this
is. Building a business is hard work with long hours and lot of ups and downs. I love being able to provide
my clients with professional expertise and experience – supporting them in their mission to grow a
successful thriving business without losing their mind, health and enjoyment of life in the process really
puts a smile on my face!

Outside of work, I am an avid outdoor enthusiast; I love living in the outdoor wonderland that is
Vancouver Island! I chose the business name Island Summit Bookkeeping and Payroll services to reflect my passion for our Island, the outdoors and for helping you do the hard work to reach whatever summit you are aiming for with your business.

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